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2005-10-25 11:33
Finally got around to rewriting the download stats to be stored in the database, if you notice any bug please let me know.

2005-07-24 10:10
It's taken 2 months, but Nihilanth has reclaimed top spot on runkull.

2005-05-17 07:59
Well Nihilanth almost lasted 2 weeks in the top spot on runkull. Sub 40 second times are soon to become a reality from the look of things.

2005-05-10 02:34
The download stats are broken :( seems it doesn't cope too well with multiple users downloading at the same time and information is lost. I might get around to rewriting it at some point in the future but i'm too busy with uni work currently.

2005-04-29 04:37
Who would have thought.
Nihilanth and Xunderbird are at it again on runkull and Nihilanth has finally managed to get out in front after 6 months of being in second place. How long will that last?

2005-04-20 03:49
A few people that have emailed me about the Upload Demo page being broken, when in fact it is not. It only accepts zip files.
You can create zip files with winrar by right clicking on the file, Winrar's 'Add to archive...' option, in the 'Archive format' check 'Zip', then click 'Ok'.

2005-03-02 01:17
Uni has started again. I'm doing some more interesting programming subjects this semester so it should be more enjoyable. It's a bit disappointing to see that only one person has used the Upload Demo page so far. I'm wondering if it is broken or there just isnt anyone using it.

2005-02-04 04:27
Added a Upload Demo page where you can submit your demos as an alternative to email.

2005-02-02 03:52
A couple of additions to the site today, i have finished my Strafe Pad Map Generator which creates entire strafe pad maps. I also added Analyse Record File to the menu, its just a simple page that you can upload your record file and it will tell you the contents of it. I originally wrote the code to be used for the Defrag Records Database, but decided to write a records tool for that instead.

2005-01-30 01:52
To prevent errors in the Defrag Records Database, please be sure to download the latest version of Records tool before you upload your text file. The latest version is 1.2 and you can find the version of the tool you are using by right clicking and selecting about records tool from the menu.

2005-01-22 04:24
Added download counters on map and mod download links. Also added a Stats page which lists the top 10 downloads from each section of the site.

2005-01-18 03:33
I finally got around to compiling a linux version of my records tool, so now i have windows and linux covered, i just need some people running both operating systems to test it.
Download Command Line Records Tool
Both versions are included in the zip file. Please inform me of any bugs you find so i can fix them. Files output from this program are designed to be used for the Defrag Records Database.

2005-01-07 15:34
All downloads are back up and running with a few code changes in various parts of the site.

2005-01-07 10:50
Defrag and Misc map downloads will be down temporarily. Beta maps, Gumboot and Demo downloads will be unaffected.

2005-01-05 06:54
First new map for 2005, rjp6, find it on the Training page.

2005-01-01 11:54
Happy New Year!

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